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“The Inspiration”

Mary Susan Buhner is the creator and Founder of “I Almost Cook,” an online cooking channel featuring easy, original recipes for busy moms.

From snacks to appetizers, entertaining ideas to full family meals, I Almost Cook focuses on creating fun meals and tasty treats that don’t take hours to prep and cook, and don’t require you to be a master chef! “As a mom of three, beautiful and very busy girls, I wear many hats and juggle many plates while still trying to find the time to make meals and snacks for the family. Secretly, I long for the slower days I experienced as a child, with my grandmother in her kitchen. As reality would have it though, like many of us moms, I live a fast paced life where texting or Googling a recipe while waiting at a soccer game is more likely than canning something. With that, I am excited to share with you my new cooking show dedicated to helping parents make delicious, affordable and fast meals for their family using my grandmother’s method of ‘A pinch here and a dash there.’ In fact, most all the treats featured on I Almost Cook are easy adaptations of grandma’s recipes!

I Almost Cook combines old fashioned tastes and family values with simple to make recipes because, let’s be honest,
today’s parent doesn’t have the time to spend all day in a kitchen!

“I will show you how to use a handful of ingredients from your kitchen pantry to make a family meal fun, memorable, and GOOD!”~ Mary Susan Buhner