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10 foods all kids should eat!

Keep your kiddos brains and bodies in top shape with good nutrition!


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1. Eggs.  Eggs are filled with protein and vitamin D.  Eating protein for breakfast is proven to help kiddos feel fuller longer.


2. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a fiber-rich whole grain that takes a while to digest.  It will keep their energy levels high.


 3. Fruit. Almost all fruit is good in some way for your kiddos. It’s full of essential vitamins and minerals and is provides a great source of natural fiber to keep kiddos regular.  Oranges, apples, pears, blueberries and strawberries are kiddo favorites!


 4. Nuts.Nuts provide healthy fats that help kiddos grow and develop.  Good fat also provides an energy burst that will get them throught the morning or afternoon slump.


5. Milk.Protein and calcium are essential for a healthy, high functioning brain and body.  Calcium also keeps bones and teeth strong!


6. Tomatoes.  Tomatoes are good for you because they are filled with lycopene.  Cooking them and pairing them with a good fat like Olive Oil helps your body

Can you dig it?

Kick spring into high gear by planting a garden with your kiddos this month. It is a great way to get your kiddos excited about eating more fruits and vegetables. Here are some helpful tips to get you started!


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1. Get them involved! Kids love to dig in dirt & get there little hands dirty.   Get them involved right from the start. Let them help you select what your going to grow and actually plant the seeds in the dirt. Lettuce, green beans, and tomatoes are all easy to grow and do not require a lot of maintenance. For flowers, marigolds are a good pick!


2. Think small. When gardening with kids think small. Use small tools, small jobs and small attention spans. It’s important to encourage your child to be involved in the entire process. Planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting. Make it doable for them.   Your garden can grow a little bit each year as your children get older.


3. Life Lessons. Growing something will give your kiddos a sense of accomplishment. It will also help you spend some quality time outside together. More importantly, if you let them help you harvest the vegetables they might even be tempted to eat them! They did grow them themselves!

Kitchen Make-over!

1.  Make-over your fridge. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be time consuming! Stock your fridge with pre-cut fresh fruit & veggies, single pack yogurt, & pre-cooked proteins.


2.  The Freezer is your friend. Providing yourself and your family with three well balanced meals a day can be challenging. A well-stocked freezer can be a mom’s best friend. Keep frozen whole wheat waffles & berries for breakfast. Morning Star & Amy’s frozen meals & burritos are delicious for a quick lunch or dinner.


3.  Pantry Power. Your pantry is a powerful kitchen tool that is easy to overlook. Keeping protein bars, single serving snack/treats, beans, tomato sauce, & whole wheat pasta on hand makes eating easy!



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Pizza Night!

  1. Mommy Magic’s, “I Almost Cook” is all about making healthy, semi-homemade meals at home and have fun doing it! Kids LOVE pizza! With a little bit of planning, your next pizza night can be a stress-free family affair!


  1. 1. The Dough. You don’t have to spend hours making pizza dough from scratch. Most grocery stores offer fresh and ready-made dough that is delicious! If you want to spice it up a little bit try infusing some of your favorite spices. Garlic Powder, Creole seasoning or Italian seasonings can really doctor up a homemade pizza!


  1. 2. Have fun with your toppings. Let your kiddos experiment and doctor up their own pizzas. Kids are much more willing to try new things if the have control and if they are presented in a familiar form. Putting zucchini on a pizza pie is a great way to get your kiddos to eat new veggies!


  1. 3. Bring on the cheese! Try shredded cheese such as pepper jack, try goat cheese or stick with good old mozzarella. Any way you slice it your kiddos are getting a healthy dose of Calcium!


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Be sure to write down the recipes of your families favorite creations. You can save big bucks and create lasting memories by making pizza at home!

The Organized Pantry

All you need to get an organized pantry is 30 minutes, some baskets, chalkboard labels (or a label maker) and several see through containers.


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1. Dry Goods. Start storing cereal, rice, pasta, beans, crackers, etc. in clear glass or plastic airtight containers. They will keep the freshness in, bugs out and allow you to see and use what you have! They also look much better than a bunch of jumbled boxes.


2. Baskets are amazing for keeping any form of clutter contained. In the pantry they can corral individually packaged kid snacks, coffee cups, napkins, paper plates, or even baking supplies. Store like items together.


3. Label everything!!! They will keep you organized and help your family know where everything goes. I love chalkboard ones since they are reusable but you can also make your own with a label maker or by handwriting those on a small sheet of paper and adhering to the desired item.


4. Think outside of the box. Lazy Susan work amazingly well for a corner pantry. An over the door shoe organizer or magazine racks also work well as unexpected storage ideas. Figure out what you have and make it work for your family’s pantry!

Taste the Rainbow!

Taste the rainbow with a colorful fruit platter.  This platter is healthy and cute!  It’s a super fun way to serve fruit and is a hit in my house year round.




For the colors of the rainbow:


Red: Strawberries cut in bite size pieces


Orange: cantaloupe, pineapple chunks, or banana slices


Yellow: honeydew melon, bite size pieces, or green grapes


Blue/purple: blueberries, purple grapes


White marshmallows

Carrots as decorations

Set your Easter table with carrots!?  Your kiddos will love these fun and simple Easter decorations.



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1.  Carrot Napkin/Silverware holders.  Take orange napkins, place green plastic silverware in the middle (sticking slightly out of the top) and roll into a cylinder shape.  Tie with a ribbon and you’ll have a perfect carrot shape!


2.  Carrots front and center.  All you need are a bunch of carrots, white daisies, and a vase.  Place the bunch of carrots in the vase.  Fill with water and then add the white daisies.  A perfect centerpiece to complete your Easter meal.