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Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Super-fast and festive food gifts make fantastic gifts for teachers, neighbors or friends.   You’re sure to make their holiday a little merrier by giving them a sweet treat this holiday in a Mason jar!


*Photo Credit – Huffington Post


Below you’ll find a list of my favorite foods to wrap up for the holidays with colorful tulle or netting ribbon.   You won’t believe what an adorable gift you’ll have to give that took less than 2 minutes to create!!


1. Red and green giant gumballs.

2. Holiday M & M’s.

3. Spiced nuts.

4. Reindeer food or Puppy chow (chocolate & powdered sugar cereal mix)

5. Hot chocolate.

6. Cookie mix.

7. Granola.

8. Marshmallows.

9. Popcorn.

10. Homemade anything!  Flavored butter or goat cheese, Nutella, taco seasoning. The list goes on and on.  Make your specialty and give it as a gift today!


~Mary Susan

Taking the Time

One of my favorite traditions is to set aside a special day during the holiday season to bake with my kids. The focus is not on making perfect cookies, but rather the special tradition of spending time together sorting through family recipes and making holiday treats to share with friends and family. Whether it be baking cookies, holiday cake, or cupcakes – it’s about setting a time aside and spending it together.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

~ Mary Susan

Edible Christmas Decor

It’s officially the holiday season!  It’s time to start decorating the house with Christmas cheer.  What could be a more fun way to get into the holiday spirit (and gets some decorating done) than by making eatable Christmas décor!!!  Here are some of my favorites.


1.  Popcorn & Cranberry Garland.  A total Christmas classic.  This festive garland is easy to make and can be used indoors or outdoors (to feed birds). All you’ll need is fishing line, a 2 inch needle, several batches of popped popcorn and fresh cranberries. Thread popcorn and cranberries into your desired pattern.


Photo Credit – London Moore Beauty


2.  Gingerbread House. My kiddos LOVE to each make their own gingerbread houses.  There are tons of great kits you can purchase or you can make your own mini ones using graham crackers!


3.  Peppermint Wreath. Head over to Michael’s or your local craft store and pick up a Styrofoam wreath in your desired size.  You’ll also need peppermint candies, a hot glue gun and a bow.  Begin gluing the peppermint candies in a circular pattern until your entire wreath is covered.  Top with a festive red bow and display!


Photo credit – Woman’s Day Magazine


4.  Gum Drop Star Ornaments.  All you need to make these adorable ornaments are toothpicks and gumdrops in two different sizes.  Stick six toothpicks into a large gumdrop.  Then let your kiddo add the smaller gumdrops onto the toothpicks.  They will love to make this ornament that’s sweet enough to eat!!

Gumdrop Snowflake

Photo Credit – Parents Magazine