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Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Happy Halloween from my Haunted House to yours!


Happy Halloween from my Haunted House to yours! Have a safe and SPOOK-tacular Halloween!


1)  Make Sure To See Your Ghouls! Make sure your kids are wearing bright costumes.  If they are darker in color make sure your kids carry a glow stick or flashlight.


2)  Trick-or-treat friendly homes. Only trick-or-treat at homes with lights on.


 3)  Stranger Danger. Make sure your children never go into a stranger’s house.  They need to stay on the porch outside when asking for candy.


4)  Follow regular traffic rules.  Make sure they are careful when crossing the street.


5)  Make a map.  If your children are old enough to trick-or-treat alone map out a plan of where they are going.


6)  Quality control.  Before the kids dive into their candy make sure to go through it & throw out any pieces that have been tampered with.


Happy Halloween!

~Mary Susan


Halloween Pumpkin

Ghosts on a Stick

That ghoulishly delightful day is quickly approaching. Many people, like myself, love to go all out for Halloween. The décor, the costumes, and let’s not forget, the candy! Although decorating your home for Halloween can be overwhelming at times, there are some simple things you can do to bring a little bit of that October 31st spirit to life. One thing I love to do is make “Ghosts on a Stick”, and all you need to do is take some Ghost Peeps (yes, they do make Peeps in Ghost shapes) and place them on top of some black and orange colored paper straws.   Group several together in a mason jar or glass, and you have some floating ghosts!


Regardless of what you’ll be doing this year, I hope you have a Happy Halloween!